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Aussie News Anchor Goes Viral After Not Realizing She's On-Air

A TV reporter in Australia won't be fired after she she was caught on camera this weekend not realizing she was, well, on camera. In a brief clip that's gone viral, Natasha Exelby is seen absentmindedly picking at her pen while seated behind an ABC news anchor desk. 

When she realizes she's live, she makes a huge "oops!" face before throwing to a sports reporter. "Thank you all for your generous support," Exelby tweeted on Monday after fans and fellow TV reporters showed sympathy for her all-too-human blooper.

 "Not my finest hour. Myself and my mesmerizing pen honorably salute you!" While rumors were flying that Exelby would be fired for the mistake, ABC news director Gaven Morris has since said in a statement, "Natasha is a freelance journalist who works as a contributor...While she is not currently doing any on-air shifts, this will be subject to normal performance management."

Source: Buzzfeed News