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We Can't Get Over Southwest Airlines' Perfect Response To This Twitter Troll!

Airlines have been apart of the bad news a lot lately and this might have defiantly lightened the mood.

A 19-year-old Juan known on Twitter as @xadoringpaige thought it would be a good idea to troll Southwest Airlines on Twitter. 

He started the chat with a Southwest representative Linnea and asked a question then came up with a fake complaint about a flight attendant who had ben rude to him. 

He said the attendant called him a "fattie" and questioned him on asking for extra sugar. 

Linnea continued the conversation by apologizing to the "customer".

After the funny exchanged between the two all ended well. 

"I was really surprised because I was expecting to get ignored or a block," Juan told BuzzFeed. But Linnea, realizing she was being trolled, instead responded in the most iconic way.

The troller said he was inspired by Britney Spears' Toxic music video to make fun of Southwest Airlines.

"Britney was wearing her iconic flight outfit, and it made me laugh at the thought of her being an actual flight attendant."

Juan decided to mess with Southwest because he's never had a bad experience with them.

Long story short, you should never troll Southwest Airlines or any person named Linnea!