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Nobody Can Figure Out What Teen's Promposal Sign Say

"Promposals" are getting more and more complicated, but now one Texas teen has gone over-the-top with a promposal sign so elaborate, it makes no sense. 

On April 9, Marlen Williams tweeted pics of the poster he used to ask a girl to prom. It appears to read, "You'll run the I'll be 1 I'd love to take 2 a shot at prom #12 with you." 

Or, if you look at it a long time, it seems the sign is supposed to say, "You'll run the 1, I'll be 2, I'd love to take a shot at prom with you #12." 

Meanwhile, the rest of Twitter is totally confused. "Was staring at this s**t for five minutes," one Twitter user wrote, while another tweeted, "I'm hella tryna carry the two."

Source: Mashable