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Women Are Covering Their Entire Bodies in Charcoal Face Masks, Then Scream in Agony as They Peel Them Off

A group of YouTubers are covering their entire bodies in a peel-away charcoal face mask, then trying to remove it while screaming in agony for the cameras. 

The new trend was apparently started by YouTuber, Izabela Stress, who uploaded her full-body peel off mask video in January. The painful stunt has now been imitated by woman around the world.

One popular beauty vlogger, Nicole Skyes, recorded herself shaving her entire body so her hair would not get caught in the mask. She then put the black goo on her arms, legs, and torso, then used a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

When the mask was dried, Nicole says it was painful for her to move and she could feel the product pulling at her skin. As she started to remove the mask, she said it felt like she was “being scratched by ten thousand cats.” Eventually, she got someone to help her, but she still screamed as she ripped it off her stomach.

She later said that the challenge left her skin feeling 'insanely smooth.' 

Source: Daily Mail