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This Girl Tweeted That She Wanted A Dr. Pepper Fountain And That's What She Got

Dr. Pepper surprised a Kansas woman with her very own outdoor soda fountain after she shared a tweet expressing her love for the drink.

Kansas State University Student, Clair Daniels tweeted in December, saying she wished she had a Dr. Pepper fountain installed in her house to save money on her favorite soft drink. 

She wrote, "I really just need to have a Dr. Pepper fountain installed in my house. That would probably be cheaper than how much I spend on it currently."

The soda company surprised her months later, showing up on her doorstep to install a 6-foot-tall Dr. Pepper fountain in her front yard. The fountain can hold 5 gallons of Dr. Pepper at a time. 

Dr. Pepper said the fountain was built from scratch for a promotional video featuring Clair after the marketing team noticed her tweet - but it’s not safe to actually drink from.

Clair said she drinks two or three cans of the soda a day. Dr. Pepper also provided her with 1,200 cans for her drinking pleasure.

Source: UPI