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United Airlines Kicked A Couple Off Their Flight Who Were On Their Way To Their WEDDING

A bride and groom were removed from a United Airlines flight after moving to an empty row to allow another passenger to stay asleep in their seats.

Michael Hohl and his fiancée Amber Maxwell were flying from Utah to Costa Rica for their wedding on Saturday afternoon when they boarded a plane in Texas and found another passenger asleep in their seats. 

They chose to go sit in an empty row which they claim was in the same class, rather than wake up the person. 

When a United Airlines flight attendant approached them to ask if they were in their ticketed seats, they explained that they weren't and asked for an upgrade but were turned down. The couple claims they returned to their original seats calmly, but a US Marshal appeared moments later to escort them off the plane. 

The airline claims the couple tried to sit in an upgraded seat without permission and refused to return to the ones they paid for. The airline rep also says they were booked on another flight the next day, in order to make it to Costa Rica in time for their wedding.

Source: Daily Mail