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April The Giraffe Makes YouTube History And Is The Second Most Watched Video EVER

April the giraffe's livestream is officially the second-most-watched live channel in YouTube history, the company announced Monday. 

The only channel to beat it is Riot Games' League of Legends eSports channel, which launched in 2012. 

Since New York's Animal Adventure Park decided to document April and her pregnancy on February 10, the giraffe has drawn over 232 million live views. 

Meanwhile, more than 1.2 million viewers tuned in when she delivered her male calf on Saturday. That makes it one of the top five most-watched moments ever for a YouTube live event. 

Overall, 14 million tuned in at some point on that day. 

April's channel is also the fifth-fastest channel to reach 200 million views, doing so in 54 days, behind non-giraffes Lady Gaga and Zayn Malik. 

Congratulations, April! 

Source: CNET