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Amazing Man Made A Goal To Write 5 Thank You Notes A Day... For A Whole Year!

A Texas father has said he is 'filled with love' after launching a mission to write five thank-you notes a day for a year. 

33-year-old John Israel works as a gift salesman, and shows his gratitude in writing to anyone from airline pilots to waiting staff.

The father-of-two says it takes him about an hour and a half every day but it leaves him emotionally fulfilled. He will soon reach the 200th day of his challenge, and by the end of the year he would have written 1,825 notes.

He says he got the idea while attending a personal growth seminar on a search to make an impact on his and others' lives. He explained, 'It's not always, 'Hey, thanks for that thing you did. Sometimes, it's just acknowledging people for who they are.'

In one note to an air hostess called Cortney, he thanked her for an 'awesome flight from Vegas to Dallas.' He wrote, 'Thanks for smiling big. Thanks for being cordial. Thanks for bringing me tea and those honey roasted peanuts. Thanks for being fun and most importantly, thanks for being genuinely, authentically yourself. '

In another card, he thanked a Starbucks worker called Morgan. He wrote, ‘I hope you feel special because you are. Have an awesome day.' 

But he says he makes his intentions clear. He writes, 'P.S. I am totally married with a two-year-old and my wife is eight months pregnant, so this is no way more than what it is - a thank you.’

He has also contacted former teachers to thank them for the impact they had on his life. 

He said when he occasionally gets a response, he proudly displays them in his home. He says, '(I have had) all these really cool experiences that have totally filled me with a lot of love.'

Source: Daily Mail