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This Girl Made A Power Point For Her Crush Of All The Reasons Why He Should Date Her

A University of Minnesota student created a well-detailed PowerPoint presentation to tell her crush why he should date her.

The first slide reads, “WHY YOU SHOULD DATE ME” and includes a photo of herself. The second slide includes bullet points of how she will dress nicely to family events, is a tantalizing conversationalist and has an edgy, yet tasteful sense of humor.

The third slide shows her with three different and unique hairstyles in case her crush isn’t into monogamy. On the fourth slide she shares, “My boobs exhibit steady growth over time.” She provided a graph showingshe’s gone from an A cup to a DD cup from 2013 through 2017.  

On slide five she explains she can support herself financially, doesn’t live with her parents and her crush won’t have to worry about paying for every date.

On the sixth and final slide she shares several attractive photos of herself with made up endorsements from Channing Tatum, Miss America, her mother and The New York Times.

Her crush has responded to the presentation with an email that read, “This is very nice. Please stop contacting me.”

It’s unclear if her crush was in on the joke but the two appear to be friends.

Source: Daily Mail