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Kathie Lee Gifford Slammed For Awful Bill Nye Interview On TODAY

Kathie Lee is being slammed on social media for being rude to celebrity scientist Bill Nye during his Wednesday appearance on TODAY. 

The awkward five-minute segment shows Nye earnestly sharing interesting facts about snowflakes, champagne and raisins as Gifford wears a bored expression on her face and slumps over in her chair.

Things got even more uncomfortable when Nye was asked whether there are any black flowers on Earth. 

"There are a lot of dark flowers, but I guess they're not quite black," he explained. 

"What do you mean 'you guess'?" Gifford responded incredulously. 

"You're Bill Nye the Science Guy." 

When Nye attempted to correct himself and continue explaining, Gifford cut him off. 

"No time, so sad," she declared in a tone that indicated she was anything but upset about ending the interview. 

Nye's fans were quick to call for Gifford's firing when the video was posted on YouTube. 

"If you are going to invite someone on your show, at least pretend like you are interested in what he is saying," one viewer commented. 

Another wrote, "Is she just seriously drunk or always that rude to people invited onto her show? Learn what professionalism means."