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Dad Surprises Hardworking Kid With Chicago Cubs Tickets And He Breaks Down In Tears

The parents of 9-year-old Kolt Kyler decided to reward their son with tickets to see his favorite team the Chicago Cubs.

Kolt is not only an honor roll student, but he's on a traveling baseball team and helps his father out on their farm.

In the video, Kolt's father praises him for never complaining about having to work hard, even when he feels tired. 

His dad goes to get an envelope, saying, "This is something here that you and I are going to do, and it's going to take the whole day to do it, okay? Do you want to do it?"

Kolt volunteers to help without hesitation, even without knowing what that "something" is. But when he finds out what’s in the envelope, he breaks down into tears.

Even some players saw the video and tweeted about it!