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Woman Rants At Police and Flight Crew After They Tried To Escort Her Off A Plane

A woman on a flight out of San Antonio went on an F-bomb tirade at a flight attendant after being accused of causing a disturbance on the plane.

Footage was posted online.

After ranting in her seat, people record her storming up to the front of the plane to speak to what looks like a captain and an attendant, before walking back to her seat.

She sat down and said, ’They're trying to say that I'm disturbing the people on the plane, b**** that's crazy. 'You might want to get your mother***ing pilot and all your f***ing crew ready because ain't nobody going nowhere. Trying to get me off this mother***er and it's going to go down. This is Trump's fault. Blame it on Trump.'

Then the woman threatens to attack anyone who tries to take her off the plane.

About a minute later, a police officer gets on the plane and tells the woman, “The captain said he doesn't want you on his plane and you need to get off.”

After a back-and-forth, with the woman continuing her rant, the cop tells the woman: 'you are getting off the plane, ma'am.'

No word on whether the woman caught another flight.