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Apple Watch Users Accidentally Dialing 911

Apple iWatch users are being blamed for a spike in false 911 calls, wasting valuable time for first responders in the (NY) tri-state area. Accidental “wrist dialing” has the gadget automatically calling 911 without users knowing it. 

Emergency responders say that it’s a headache for operators, who have urged people to dismantle the setting that automatically triggers the false alarms.

One emergency response supervisor said, “We’re not speaking ill of technology, but common sense goes a long way.” 

He said that rescue workers in his county were pestered by nine false alarms over a one-week period, due to user-error.

The watch’s “SOS” function automatically dials local emergency numbers within 10 seconds when a user presses the side button for three or more seconds. 

It also tells the user’s contacts where the user is located and that he or she is in trouble.

He says that most people simply aren’t aware they have enabled the setting, and they don’t know they’re doing it.

Source: NY Post