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Blake Lively Goes Off On Reporter For Asking Her A Sexist Question

Blake Lively went off on a red carpet reporter for asking about her clothing at an event where she was being honored for her advocacy against child pornography. 

The former Gossip Girl star, who was among those honored at Variety's New York Women of Power Luncheon on Friday, was asked about her go-to "power outfit." 

A visibly annoyed Lively responded, "Come on, you want to talk about an outfit today? Come on, what about building women up? Outfits? Would you ask a man that?" 

When the reporter tried to defend her question, Lively continued, "You wouldn't ask a man what a power outfit was. I'm sorry." She added, "But see, this is a moment where we become more aware and we change. So you can ask another question." 

Lively also had a testy encounter with another reporter who attempted to ask about her Gossip Girl character Serena van der Wooden. "Focus on the event," Lively retorted.

Source: Page Six