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Faye Dunaway Finally Opens Up About That Awkward Oscars Moment

Faye Dunaway has revealed that she felt “very guilty” after wrongly announcing La La Land as the best Picture at this year’s Oscars. 

“We took the card out, and he didn’t say anything,” she recalls of presenting the award with Warren Beatty in a new interview with Lester Holt. 

“He paused, he looked over me, off stage… and I finally said, ‘You’re impossible!'” 

Dunaway goes on to explain that she thought Beatty was just stalling as a joke. 

“Warren’s like that, he kind of holds the power…but it’s part of his charm,” she adds. As Peoplepoints out, Dunaway first announced Damien Chazelle’s La La Land as the winner for the Best Picture before Barry Jenkins’ powerful coming-of-age story Moonlight was revealed as the true winner. 

Source: People