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Sony Ends Relationship With Dr. Luke After Kesha Admits Sexual Assault

Sony is ending their partnership with producer Dr. Luke amid his legal saga with Kesha, who claims he sexually assaulted her more than a decade ago.

Kesha accused Dr. Luke of giving her a pill that made her unconscious before raping her in a hotel room in 2005, shortly after her 18th birthday. 

She also claimed he manipulated her with insults about her appearance and weight for years. 

Dr. Luke has denied Kesha’s allegations. They’ve continued to trade legal claims since, with a judge last month shooting down a motion filed by Kesha to change a counter-claim she made against Dr. Luke in hopes of breaking free from her contract with him.

A rep for Dr. Luke denied that Sony had completely cut ties with him. A source said that Sony “still has a relationship” with the him and that there are production contracts that are reportedly still active.

Dr. Luke’s webpage on the Sony Music site has reportedly been taken down and he’s no longer the Kemosabe CEO.

Source: NY Daily