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Aaron Carter Reveals The Medical Condition Affecting His Physical Appearance

Singer Aaron Carter says his thin stature is due to a medical condition.

The 29-year-old singer posted a series of tweets yesterday, addressing concerns about his weight. 

He tweeted, “By the way y’all wanna know why I’m so skinny? It’s because @ 19 i was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, I didn’t choose that. be kind to me...”

He also said it’s a “stress condition” that affects his appetite and said, “Basically I have an eating disorder.” 

The former child star said that his brother, Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, can vouch for him.

He tweeted, “I’m sorry, sometimes I really wish I did look better, or I eat more like y’all say, this life doesn’t come w much stability...No I don’t do drugs, yes I feel pain, I haven’t stopped working since I was 7 years old 22 years later and I still won’t give up.”

Aaron later tweeted and deleted, “The way people talk about my weight is like high school times a million.” 

He later said that he felt the need to explain himself because so many people have been asking him about his size and talking about him.