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Fans Are Still Crazy For Zac Efron And His Search For Love On MTV's Room Raiders

Did you forget about Zac Efron bring on an episode of Room Raiders California? 

We don't know how we forgot as well but so glad this throwback cam back into our lives! 

Anyone who is struggling with being single don't worry Efron knows the feeling all too well!  

When Zac was 17 years old he searched for 'the love of his life' on the reality dating show.

"My name is Zac Efron from the TV show Summerland," he told three excited ladies trapped in an unmarked white van. "By the end of the day, I have to choose one of you to accompany me on a date. The catch is I don't get to see you or speak to you before I make my decision. However I do get to raid your room and see what you're all about."

Efron went to work as he raided the three girls separate bedrooms.

He looked everywhere through the drawers, underneath the bed or throughout the closet.

If you missed the MAJOR throwback Room Raiders on MTV, don't worry we have them right here for you to watch!