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James Blunt Brutally Roasts Himself On A British Talk Show Interview

During a recent appearance on the British show Hard Chat, James Blunt made it clear that he has no qualms about mocking his own reputation as a one-hit wonder. 

The "Beautiful" singer was asked straight away by comedian Tom Gleeson if he worked with Ed Sheeran on his new album The Afterlove because he needed somebody to fix it.

"Everyone knows that I taught him everything that he knows already. So I was doing him a favor," Blunt responded. "He needed an association with my name otherwise he wouldn't be where he is now."

 Gleeson struggled not to laugh and went on to inform Blunt that he used to play "Beautiful" at his stand-up shows. 

"Presumably, you play it at the end of the show... so people leave," Blunt quipped. 

He also joked that he was hopeful ISIS would step up and claim responsibility for his music in the near future.