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Starbucks Is Planning To Open A Four Story Roastery In Chicago

Starbucks announced starting in 2019 they will open a Reserve Roastery in Chicago!

The best part about this is it will be FOUR stories high! 

This isn't the only roastery that is planned to open with in the next few years. 

A roastery location will open in New York City during 2018. 

The executive chairman of Starbucks, Howard Schultz said, "Having opened our first Starbucks store in Chicago nearly 30 years ago, our first outside of Seattle, this is a very special city for me. At the time, it was a true test for Starbucks because the Chicago customer is so savvy and discerning about their coffee." 

Starbucks Chicago Roastery is set to be located on Michigan Avenue in the city's iconic Magnificent Mile. It is a total of 43,000 square feet!

There will be a lot more than just a roastery in this four story Starbucks location. 

This will just be one of the locations that will be able to roast, package and brew while customers can watch and interact with the whole process.

There will be exclusive Reserve beverages at this locations that won't be available anywhere else. 

One thing we know for certain is it is time to start planning our trip to New York and Chicago for the future!