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Hilarious Picture Of A Duck Gives Some Major Side-Eye Goes Viral

This news is fowl! 

A photo of a red-billed Muscovy duck is going viral on social media as it appears the bird is giving the camera some major side-eye along with a sly smile. 

Buzzfeed reports that the pic seems to have its origins as a meme on Russian social media, where it's appeared with captions like, "Beware. This Muscovy duck is trying to seduce you." 

On Twitter, its seductive gaze is being interpreted more as an example of shade. 

"Jesus Christ, this bird kno my browser history," one Twitter user captioned the image last month, while another wrote, "How you and your friend look at each other when someone is lying." 

Buzzfeed notes that the duck's eye, which looks quite human-like, is probably Photoshopped, since Muscovy ducks typically have beady eyes.

Source: BuzzFeed, Refinery 29