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This Teen Had An Amazingly Petty Response When Her Ex Asked For His Prom Money Back

Colorado high school senior, Maria, had been dating her now-ex-boyfriend for about a year. Then last Friday, he called to break up with her, about a week before her prom.

Maria said, "He had to go on a basketball trip, and called me and said, 'This isn't working out.'" 

She said she later found out her ex was attending another prom with a different girl. Around the same time, he asked her if he could have back the $95 he spent on prom expenses.

Maria said that she chatted with friends about the situation, and started brainstorming ways to pay her ex back, but also be "petty." She said that she went around to a bunch of different banks, and got her ex the $95, with one little catch… it was all in pennies.

Maria decided to tweet about her scheme, because it was easier than texting all her friends about it. She wrote, “My ex of 11 months dumped me a week before prom and asked me for the money back to go to another prom. #pennyasf**k”

Source: BuzzFeed

Her tweet totally blew up, and people crowned her the official queen of petty.

One person tweeted, "Hello. I'm from the Petty Foundation. Just passing thru. Here's your check for next level Pettiness. Good day Miss." 

Others called her a hero, and her ex even posted his own photo of the pennies to Twitter, with the caption, "When you break up with your crazy ass ex and she swears she pissed you off but really she just made you laugh... I can't wait for prom 2k17."

As for Maria, shortly after her ex broke up with her, one of her good guy friends asked her to go to the dance with him instead. He even did a whole "promposal" for her.

Source: BuzzFeed