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Frank Body Just Came Out With A Magical Unicorn Body Scrub & It's All The Rage

This new glitter body scrub has people all over the world hyped.

It comes in a holographic silver packet, the scrub hit Frank Body’s site on May 1st and you can get it for $20, but there's a catch... you'll be on a waiting list. A very, very long waiting list, a waiting list that's at least 50,000 people long. 

What's so special about it? Well first of all, it's GLITTER and it sticks to your BODY! It's infused with sugar, salt, roasted and ground coffee beans, grape seed, and vitamin E.

The scrub acts as an exfoliant and hydrator all in one, and it leaves behind an added sheen because of the ingredient 'mica' which is a mineral that the company calls “the closest thing to fairy dust."

Source: BritandCo