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WATCH: Alex Rodriguez And Derek Jeter Sit Through A Terribly Awkward Interview

Former New York Yankees teammates Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriquez did an interview together for BTIG global financial services company’s “Charity Day” and it ended up being a very uncomfortable interview.

CNBC reporter, Bob Pisani gave the interview and got off topic from the charity event. 

He first asked Derek and Alex if they are now friends and later put Alex on the spot about his date with Jennifer Lopez at the Met Gala Monday night. 

Alex said, “Wow. This interview is going all types of places. We had a great time Monday night. It was a celebration of art and fashion. And I was looking for my boy Derek, but he wasn’t there this year.”

The reporter then asked, “You showed up with J-Lo, of course,” and Derek said, “What channel is this?” and Alex said, “E! Channel.”

Source: NY Daily News