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Delta Airlines Is In High Heat After Kicking Off Family

A California couple claims that they were told they'd be sent to jail if they did not give up their two-year-old son's seat on a Delta flight. 

Brian and Brittany Schear say that they were also told their children would be taken from them, and have now demanded an apology. 

They said they were traveling from Hawaii to L.A. last week when they were told to give up the seat of their young son. 

Mr. Schear claims a crew member told them the boy would have to sit on one of his parents’ knees or "You're going to jail, your wife is going to jail and they'll take your kids from you." Mrs. Schear said, "As a mother, you have a one-year-old and a two-year-old - it doesn't matter whether that's true or false. It put fear in me."

After a long debate they agreed to this, but say they were then told to get off the plane. 

The couple says that they did not get a refund for their seats and were forced to book a hotel room that night before buying three more plane tickets the following day.

They filmed the incident and posted it on YouTube.

In the video clip, Mr. Schear is heard asking a staff member: "I'm going to be in jail?"

He was also heard saying, "Well, you should have thought of that before you oversold the flight. I bought that seat."

The airline has now released a statement, saying, "We are sorry for what this family experienced. Our team has reached out, and we will be talking with them to better understand what happened and come to a resolution."