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Kristen Bell Makes A Frozen-Themed Promposal Dream Come True

Kristen Bell made a dream come true for these two high school students as she staged a 'promposal' with a HUGE frozen theme! 

Even though it was against Kimmel's wishes to do propsals on the show it didn't stop her.

"I can do whatever I want," Bell said, "and tonight, I want to give away some a blond Oprah Winfrey! Before the show, we randomly selected two members of our studio audience who have no idea that they are about to play a game. Can I please have Zoe Brown and Sara Patina come on down?" After introductions were made, Bell asked, "Have you guys seen the movie Frozen? Because if you hadn't, I was going to be like, 'What is wrong with you?'"

Would you freak out if this happened to you?

Of course she said YES! Congrats to the cute couple going to prom!