Starbucks Is Facing a $10 Million Lawsuit Because Of The Unicorn Frappuccino


A Brooklyn coffee shop is suing Starbucks for $10 million. They say the Unicorn Frappuccino infringed on their trademark.

The Brooklyn coffee shop (The End) started selling its Unicorn Latte in December and filed for a trademark in January. 

Owners of the shop say the Unicorn Latte is "the most popular product we've created" and they were "shocked and disappointed" when Starbucks unveiled the Unicorn Frappuccino.

The lawsuit claims that customers now believe they copied Starbucks' drink, and the shop has been harmed by the "ridicule".

The shop says the Unicorn Latte is a health drink containing things like dates, ginger root, and algae. The Unicorn Frappuccino is milk-based and has a lot of sugar.

Starbucks says the lawsuit is "without merit," as unicorn-themed food and drinks are pretty much everywhere at this point.

Source: Newser


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