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Passengers Trapped On United Airlines Flight For Over 5 Hours

United Airlines trapped a completely full cabin of passengers on a flight that had no lights, no air conditioning, no water, and no usable restrooms for five hours in Miami, Florida.

The original boarding time was delayed 45-minute for maintenance. Then when passengers boarded, the doors shut and they were told there were mechanical failures but they would be taken care of in “15 minutes.”

An hour and a half later, passengers were still trapped in the plane that was slowly acting like an oven, sitting under the Miami sun. 

Bathrooms became non-operational, no water was available or offered.Another two hours later, the plane slowly made its way back to the terminal. 

Passengers, who at this point were sweaty and somewhat disoriented, deboarded to sit in the air-conditioned airport. 

After roughly another half an hour, they were told that the plane was ready to take off, however an hour later, they were right back where they started – trapped in the plane with no air conditioning and no lighting.

This time, a stewardess was more prepared and came around passing out luke-warm water to passengers.

Passengers on the grounded flight from hell were offered $150 credit vouchers redeemable for future United flights.

Source: thegatewaypundit