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This High School Is Refusing To Acknowledge A Dead Student During Graduation

A North Carolina high school is refusing to have a memorial for a dead student at graduation this June because they want a "happy, vibrant feel" during the ceremony. 

Buzzfeed reports that family and friends of Rachel Rosoff, a 17-year-old who died last year after being electrocuted at a pool where she worked as a lifeguard, are fighting to get William G. Enloe Magnet High School to acknowledge her at the event. 

In fact, they started a petition for Rachel that has gotten more than 3,000 signatures as of Monday. Her sister, Jordana Rosoff said she started it because the school wanted "to pretend Rachel did not exist," especially given that the late teen would've graduated this year. 

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the school district has defended the decision by claiming it was made by administration officials, counseling staff, and school psychologists "based on guidelines recommended by National Association of School Psychologists." 

Source: BuzzFeed