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Dad Keeps His Promise To His Daughter By Doing The Cutest Thing

A 10-year-old girl asked her dad to babysit her doll named Davey for the day (and find him an outfit).

Dad headed to the Goodwill, strapped the doll into his cart and began his search for the perfect outfit. 

A sales associate was moved by his dedication to his daughter after helping him located some clothes for the doll, and logged on to the Love What Matter's Facebook page to share the touching story.

In her post, she wrote that she first noticed the man in the store because, although he was a "big dude" with "tattoos on his neck," he wandered through Goodwill alone with the doll in his cart — and wasn't the least bit embarrassed about it.

The post has since received over 64,000 likes and many people are reaching out to praise him for being such a great dad.

Source: Redbook