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Pepsi Has A New Flavor And It's Pretty 'Lit'

Soft-drink fans may want to be on the lookout for a new, cinnamon-flavored Pepsi product called "Fire." 

A Pepsi rep confirmed to The Street on Tuesday that Pepsi Fire is now a thing--although for now, it's only available in select 7-Eleven stores in Michigan as a Slurpee flavor. 

According to social-media users who have tried the drink, it's not great. "Four thumbs down," one wrote on Instagram, while another simply wrote, "Gross." 

Meanwhile, Grub Street reports that cans of Pepsi Fire in regular, non-Slurpee form have been spotted in countries like Mexico and Singapore, with rumors circling that they may soon debut in the U.S.

Source: grubstreet, thestreet