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This Golden Retriever Loves Relaxing On The Roof Of His House

A five-year-old golden retriever named Huckleberry learned how to climb onto the roof of his family's home via a section of the backyard with just a three-foot gap between the ground and the roof.

Four or five people a week used to come to the door, fearing that Huckleberry had found his way atop the roof on accident.

The family is aware and has made (and framed) an adorable sign that now hangs outside the home. 

The sign concludes by telling people not to knock on their door, but to take pictures of Huckleberry and share them using the hashtag #hucktheroofdog. 

On Instagram, neighbors have shared pictures of the pup as far back as November 2013, proving that Huckleberry has been hanging out on the roof for years.