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Lady Gaga Launches Her Own Emoji Pack

Lady Gaga is cashing in on the emoji craze by releasing a personalized line of emojis. 

Business Insider reports that Gaga recently teamed up with Snaps to create the first GAGAmoji set, which dropped on Thursday and features a variety of familiar Gaga imagery. 

Included in the set is the pink hat from Gaga’s new Joanne period and useful phrases like "DOPE" with Gaga's head plastered in the middle. 

"We've loved working on these for the last six months with Lady Gaga and her team,” Snaps Founder Vivian Rosenthal says of the emoji pack.

“There's truly a GAGAmoji for every moment of life. These emojis are about being yourself and having fun." 

GAGAmoji is available to download for iOS for $1.99.