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This App Stops You From Using Your Debit Card While Drunk

A new system for mobile payments has been created to keep you from spending too much money when you're drunk.

The “DrnkPay” app connects your credit and debit cards to a breathalyzer to limit certain purchases, if you've had too much to drink.

The app was created by a firm based in London, and was born out of research on behavioral economics from Stanford and New York University. 

The firm saw the need for the app after research revealed that half of UK drinkers between 18 and 34 years old admitted they regretted a purchase they made while they were drunk.

Users connect their cards to the app, and then choose the number of drinks they plan to have. 

They can then decide whether to block all payments or just certain “weak points,” such as bar purchases or online shopping. 

A breathalyzer is connected to the system via Bluetooth, and must be used before each purchase is authorized.

Once the app is blocked, the debit card can’t be used for about 12 hours. 

Some of the strangest dunk purchases people said they had made included a $320 vintage Star Wars toy, a caravan, a live chicken and flying lessons. 

The app is expected to hit the market within the next year.