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Victoria's Secret Has A Museum And It's Amazing

If you've ever wondered where all of that Victoria Secret lingerie goes after the most fabulous show on runway, well we have the answer for you!

It's reported by Footwear News that the looks from the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show are on display in New York. The beautiful and over-the-top outfits are featured at their flagship store on Fifth Avenue, otherwise known as the "Victoria's Secret Museum."

That's right... a Victoria Secret Museum.

Unfortunately not every look is on display at the museum, but they do make sure to showcase the statement looks from the show. 

One of the statement outfits includes an all-black latticework look with crisscross straps and black wings and a rainbow outfit featuring rhinestone embellishment that runs from the shoulders all the way down to the model's Brian Atwood-designed shoes.

The exhibit also includes a list of every model that has ever walked down the VS runway. 

Source: Refinery29