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This Couple Got Married On Mt. Everest & The Photos Are Amazing

A couple from California James Sissom, 35, and Ashley Schmieder, 32 decided to finalize their marriage at the top of Mount Everest Base Camp!

Nothing stopped this couple as they walked up difficult terrains, encountered altitude sickness and had sub-zero temperatures they needed to get through together. 

A specialist wedding photographer was there to capture every single moment of the crazy experience!

As they traveled thousand of miles they finally made it to the top of their destination and the photos are breath taking! 

The newlyweds are receiving positive response from social media after the photographer posted the photos on Instagram. 

One question that really has been harsh on our minds is during the whole experience didn't the freeze? 

Also did the new bride just fold her expensive dress into a small backpack to get it up to the top of the mountain?