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This Woman Uses Ten Thousand Starburst Wrappers To Make Stunning Dress

It seems like now of days people are always getting crafty! Especially woman and their dress making skills. Well this one artist took dress making to the next level.

Emily Seilhamer decided to creative a master piece out of only Starburst wrappers! The dress was accessorized with a DIY rainbow loom bracelet! Her current work of art has been taking the internet by storm as it took her four years and 10,000 wrappers to create the fully wearable Starburst dress.

Seilhamer says this project was much more than just a random wrapper dress."I met my husband when we were teenagers through Starburst," Seilhamer said. "To break the ice he offered me a pack of Starburst. It was his favorite candy". 

Her husband still continues to give her Starbursts which allowed her to do something will all the empty wrappers instead of just recycling them."I asked him to save the wrappers for me," she said. "He began to bring me grocery bags full!"

She might be on the next Starbursts commercial for all her hard work, who knows?!