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Burning Trendy Scented Candles In Your House Is Dangerous For Your Health!

Burning scented candles in your house could be clogging up the air and putting your family at risk of inhaling dust and fungal spores.

Researchers at San Diego State University investigated various factors that contribute to air pollution inside the house.

No surprise, but they found that cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke clogged up the environment. 

They also found that trendy candles and cleaning products also had a damaging effect on the air pollution.

They installed a pair of air particle monitors in each of the study homes for 3 months. 

The monitors continuously scan the air for particles they are big enough to reach deep into the lungs, where they can affect a person’s health.

Homes that reported cigarette smoking indoors had a median particle level that was close to double that of homes without indoor smoking.

Marijuana smoking contributed to in-home air pollution about as much as tobacco smoking.

Finally, burning candles and incense, frying food in oil and spraying cleaning products also increased the number of fine particles in the air.