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Couple Stops In The Middle Of Their Half Marathon To Get Married

A pair of runners in a New York half marathon race took a break halfway through the run for their wedding.

Alexander Salazar and Krissa Cetner stopped six miles into the Brooklyn half marathon Saturday to get married in Prospect Park. 

Salazar wore a tuxedo T-shirt, and Cetner wore a white shirt with flowers on the front and "BKHalfWedding" on the back. They also wore custom "bride" and "groom" bibs.

The couple said Cetner came up with the idea while running a few months ago, and Salazar quickly agreed. 

He explained, "Running is a big part of how we got together."

They were accompanied by some of their wedding guests, while others met them at the park. After the ceremony, they finished the race. The couple said they first met a few years ago when Salazar was a referee in an adult volleyball league.

Source: UPI