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Twitter Discovery: "Side-Eyeing Chloe" Is All Grown Up

If you haven't seen this girl before, your life is about to change. 

Nearly four years ago, internet sensation blew up when "side-eyeing-Chloe" was filmed with her sister.

In the video the mom is asking if the girls are ready to go back to school. After a while of pouting, the mom surprises the girls with the news that they're going back to Disneyland.

While one sister jumps in excitement and cries tears of joy, Chloe's "side-eye" trademark was born. 

The camera goes back and forth between the two's very different emotions. 

Fast forwarding to now, Twitter has discovered Chloe and she's all grown up! 

The family recently traveled to Brazil for a Google campaign. Her mother captioned this photo: "Google is amazing! Chloe loves seeing herself on the elevator door and all over #saopaulo! You have a beautiful city!"