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Beauty & The Beast Released Videos Of Dan Stevens Before CGI & It Is Awkward

We honestly have no idea how Emma Watson is keeping a straight face!

Beauty and the Beast leaked videos of Watson and Dan Stevens behind the scenes footage before CGI happened.

Is this too awkward to un see and will you be able to look at the movie the same again? 

In the videos you will see Stevens in a gray michelin man body suit to be CGI later in production. 

It goes with saying if it is awkward just embrace it!

Bill Condon, the film director for the movie commented on Stevens work.

"I really stood in awe of Dan," Condon said. "Not only did he conquer the technology, but he had fun with it. I always said, we could get everything else in this movie right, but if we didn't get a beast that people believed in, then it wouldn't work."

We will let you be the judge does this kill the mood to ever watch Beauty and the Beast the same again?