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Teen's Service Dog Gets Its Own High-School Yearbook Picture

A service dog for a high-schooler in Virginia who suffers from Type 1 diabetes has now been memorialized in the school yearbook. 

News of Alpha's pic went viral last week when a fellow student tweeted, "They put his service dog in the yearbook I'm CRYING." 

Andrew Schalk, whose own yearbook photo is located right next to Alpha's, tells Buzzfeed, "He has become a huge part of my school, coming to my classes with me and a lot of people know about him." 

School officials were completely supportive when the 16-year-old asked if Alpha who already has his own school ID could also have his own yearbook pic. 

"The only thing they changed was the camera height," Schalk says of Alpha's photo shoot. "They just had to lower it a little."

Once people saw this puppy and owner duo the internet lost it!

Should schools start offering yearbook photos for all service animals now?

Maybe schools will start printing a service animal yearbook for the students!