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Popeye's Is Selling A New Flavored Chicken And It Tastes Like Cookies

Popeyes has coated its chicken tenders in crumbled shortbread cookies... and while social media hates the concept, kids love it!

One 10-year-old tells Delish: "I'm not saying this is the best chicken I've ever had, but it's probably in the top five."

Popeyes debuted its "Sweet & Crunchy Tenders" this month, and taste-testers found them reminiscent of chicken and waffles without the maple syrup

FoodBeast reports the cookie-covered chicken is "far from gimmicky" and actually has a "nice subtle sweetness."

Twitter was less kind. One user tweeted, "Popeyes really out here dipping chicken strips in cookie dough doing the devil's bidding."  

Another writes,  "How many times yall gone try to find dumbass ways to batter the same damn chicken?"

Popeyes has been debuting a new limited-edition menu item every month or so. The Sweet & Crunchy Tenders are available through June 25.