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WATCH: Pilot Fakes Engine Failure In Elaborate Proposal To Girlfriend

Anthony Bordigon invited his girlfriend of two years Katherine Wareham to come on a plane ride with him - before faking engine failure.

Minutes into the plane ride, he  asks his girlfriend to hand over a checklist, telling her not to panic.

But he does little to reassure her, adding: 'I'm not getting any response on the controls here' and then warning her that they may even have to make an emergency landing in a field.

'Verify flight ring is engaged,' the terrified passenger reads. 'Initiate ring engagement process. Follow steps 11 to 14.'

When she finally realizes its a marriage proposal she shouts: 'I hate you!' - before bursting into tears and screaming.

But he tells her to continue reading.

'Will the pilot in command love the passenger forever? Check. Will you marry the pilot in command?' she reads, still sobbing.

Luckily for him, she accepts his extraordinary proposal, telling him she had no idea it was coming and that he is an idiot.