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Kylie Jenner Is Officially The World's Youngest Person On Forbes 100

At just 19 years old, Kylie Jenner is officially the youngest person on the “Forbes 100 Celebrities List” this year. The reality star took home $41 million from Kylie Cosmetics, her fashion line, endorsements and other business ventures.

When the list came out, Kylie was excited to learn the news and tweeted, “Wow woke up the youngest entry on the @Forbes 100 list.” But some people weren’t exactly thrilled to hear about it. 

One person tweeted, “Be born wealthy, apparently that's some we should all aspire to now. Seriously though Forbes should only list people who have earned money.”

Someone else tweeted, “For stealing clothes designs, sending out empty highlighters, lip glosses with broken brushes, half-filled lipstick tubes, nice.” 

Yet another person tweeted, “Kylie Jenner stole someone’s designs 2 days ago and is on the Forbes 100 list meanwhile my paper gets a 2% on turnitin and my prof grills me.”

Of course, others came to King Kylie's defense. 

One person tweeted, “Can we stop to talk about how Kylie Jenner is the youngest of Forbes list on position 59 with a fortune that others took a life to achieve.”

Another fan tweeted, “Kylie Jenner didn't get on the Forbes list because her family is rich. She made it because of her hard work. Give her some credit."