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Michael Phelps Will Race a Great White Shark on Shark Week

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is known as a killer in the pool, but can he defeat a great white shark? 

Viewers will find out next month when Discovery airs a race between Phelps and a shark as part of its annual Shark Week event. 

"[Phelps] has one competition left to win," the network says in a statement announcing the showdown. An event so monumental no one has ever attempted it before. The world's most decorated athlete takes on the ocean's most efficient predator: Phelps vs. Shark--the race is on!" 

The broadcast, titled Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White, will air on July 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. 

Presumably, this will be a tougher challenge for Phelps than that time he took on Shaquille O'Neal.