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A Couple's Life Savings Gets Accidentally Gets Donated

An Ohio couple who had been saving up to put a deposit on a house almost ended up losing the entire thing after they dropped off $100,000 in cash at a charity shop.

The couple was in the process of clearing out their old home and had put all of their savings into a duffel bag and placed it in the trunk of their car.

When the time came to drop off a box full of old clothes and unwanted items at Goodwill, they also unwittingly dropped off their prized bag full of cash.

The couple didn't even realize they had made such a mistake until staff at the charity shop went through their donations.

At first, volunteers at the thrift store, thought that the bundles of notes were just play money or perhaps counterfeit. 

It wasn't until they looked closer they realized there was in fact a life-changing amount of cash - $97,004.00 to be precise. 

According to the store manager, 'Thank goodness she asked for a receipt when the lady dropped the donation off so we had her contact information.'

The couple only realized the cash was missing when they arrived home to a barrage of answer machine messages.

They picked up the cash and took it straight to the bank to deposit it.