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Amazing Light Up Dancers on 'America's Got Talent' Get Golden Buzzer!

Jaws dropped Tuesday night when a group of dancers took the stage on America's Got Talent.

The dance group "Light Balance" set off a routine that left everyone in the audience speechless, including the judges. They wore special suites that had neon lights that lit up to the beat of the music for an incredible visual display. 

At the end of their amazing performance, AGT's host Tyra Banks stepped out onto the stage and yelled out to the audience, "You guys, was this not incredible? Like, crazy good? Blew my mind, good!" 

You can hear the crowed chanting "golden buzzer" as Tyra runs down the stage and heads over to the panel of judges. She then hits the golden buzzer and excitement followed by tears of joy came rushing down the performers faces.

When an act gets a golden buzzer, it means they get to head straight to the live semi-finals. A judge gets to press it one time during the auditions.