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Zac Hanson Says People Have Been Singing 'MMMBop' Wrong For 20 Years

Hanson claims that most people have been getting the lyrics to “MMMBop” wrong for the past 20 years.

Zac Hanson said, “Too many people put a 'wop' in there. What happens is people go to sing that song and they start making it up as if it's nonsense. But it's actually a repetitive part, it came from doo-wop songs. So it's a background part."

Zac added that many listeners don't know the sweet sentiment behind the song.

He said, ”'MMMBop' represents a frame of time; 'In an MMMBop they're gone,' it says in the lyrics of the song. The whole song's about the fact that almost everything in your life will come and go very quickly. You've got to figure out what matters and grab onto those things.”