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People Are Going Crazy Over This HOT Doctor

The Facebook community is collectively drooling over a hot doctor who recently took to the site looking for a roommate in New York. 

According to BuzzFeed, 26-year-old Rehan Munir wrote on a group page dedicated to finding roommates that he’s moving from Pakistan to New York for his medical rotations and needs a room for around $800 for the month of August. 

While Munir has since confirmed he’s “single but trying to focus on his career at the moment,” here are some of the best responses to his post:

  • “He’s soooo HOT!!! Damn, I wish I had a room to rent to him…LOL.”
  • “Yes, please.”
  • “You can live with me FOR FREE.”
  • “You can stay in my heart for free.”
  • “Can I shadow you?”
  • “HI. I’m a straight male, but... can we cuddle possibly? Also, how flexible are you? Like really.” 
  • “Marry me?”
  • “When did this become a dating app? I feel like half y’all saw his photo and started swiping right based on habit. Ha.”